Getting Meat When SHTF…


When/If SHTF you may be in a situation that you do not have enough meet to sustain yourself and your family. Meet is one of the basic building blocks of the human body, sure there are other forms of protein and vitamins out there and you can live without it. So no flaming on me for saying you have to have meet ( I’m looking at the vegans ). Our bodies were designed to be able to digest all sorts of things to sustain us.

But When SHTF and you caught without proper preps ( you do have some food storage don’t you?). Here is a great article on getting meet to add to your diet if SHTF.


Getting Meet When SHTF – originally posted at A Hermits Diary


Every Day Carry Survival Gear

The topic of every day carry is vast. What should you carry? How do you carry it? Do you need to carry it?

On the topic of do you need to Every Day Carry Survival items, I would tell you that YES you need to carry at least the basics. Why? Well If you have been reading the national news there are lots of stories of people either getting lost or some type of situation where even the simplest of tools could have helped them. These people had they been carrying even basic survival gear would have been much better off.

How do you carry all this stuff? That depends, how do you normally dress? Do you normally wear a belt? There are Tutorials below on making a para-cord survival belt, which fascinates me and I will be making one for myself. I will likely change up the gear within the belt as some of the items I already carry.

Every Day Carry Survival items are way different than a Bug Out Bag. A Bug Out Bag is designed to get you through 72 hours of a crisis comfortably. It would have food and water or a way of purifying water. What we are talking about here are items that will help you in the short term, or if you don’t have access to your Bug Out Bag.

There is an in-depth article on graywolf survival about Every Day Carry of Survival items. Check it out below.

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Every Day Carry Gear for Survival – originally posted at GrayWolfSurvival


Para-Cord – 36 Great Projects for Preppers

The uses of ParaCord are endless. I have seen bracelets/Belts/ Chairs/ Snow Shoes and alot of other things made from ParaCord. I feel that having a few hundred feet of paracord around the house or your bugout location could be key to survival.

Not only do you need to have paracord available you need to know how to use it. There are many different ways to weave the cord into useful items. I suggest that you get some paracord and practice the different weaving styles. Some use more paracord that others, which is helpful to be able to recognize a certain pattern if you intend on buying anything made from paracord. I would assume that like me you would rather buy something that has more paracord in it than someone who skimped on it while making it.

Below are a few different weaves for paracord. Don’t forget to check share and like to see 36 Great Uses of ParaCord for Preppers!

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36 great ParaCord Project – originally posted at SurvivalLife


What do you carry everyday?

What do you carry with you everyday?

Last week we posted about an upcoming Concealed Weapons training course. Why would we promote that? Well the answer is simple, this is Idaho and we can have with us at all times weapons of different styles. I am not allowed to carry a firearm at work as it is against company policy, that’s fine no biggie, we are however allowed to have them in our personal vehicles as this is considered private property. The only warning I will give you about this is that you need to make sure your vehicle stays locked; not because of theft as much as if someone gets a hold of your weapon from an unlocked vehicle you are liable for the damages caused by it. Just lock the car it makes it safer.

I also always have a pocket knife on me, this I can carry at work because I use it. I do not carry a flimsy cheep pocket knife I carry a bench-made Griptiliian. One of the best knives I have ever had the pleasure of owning. The big thing about knives for me is that I’m lefty – and we all know its a righty world – so I had to find a knife that the pocket clip could be moved to the other side and could be operated with the left hand. The Griptillian fits that bill nicely.

The final thing that is always near me – an emergency pack – it’s always in whatever vehicle I am driving. What does it hold? It has your basic B.O.B items such as food, fire starting items, mess kit, rain gear, emergency sleeping bag, emergency blanket, light, and one added item a good quality fixed blade knife that I love – and so do the marines. Strapped to my B.OB is a full sized k-Bar, designed by the marines as a fighting knife this thing can do some amazing things.

So I ask you What do you carry? Things to add? Lets share our ideas!

The Original Survival Food – Good Stuff

Today we are going to talk about pemmican! This eaily made survival food is a much better alternative to Hard Tack, and like Hard Tack you can use it to make many other things. Or you can eat just as it is. There are plenty of articles on line about how to make pemmican so I will not re-write those, I will link to some of the best that I have found.


The History of the original survival food – pemmican

Pemmican was traditionally prepared from lean meats such as Deer,Elk,Buffalo by native americans. Although Pemmican can be kept a long time before it goes rancid it has to be stored in an air tight container. The native americans used the intestines of the animal to provide a sausage like portion. Where each link was a full serviing. This original survival food was one of the main staples of their diet.

How to Serve Pemmican – The original survival food

Pemmican can be served in many ways. However there are 3 ways that stand out.

  1. Raw – well it’s not actually raw, just not mixed with anything else
  2. rubsboo – a stew made with water, flour, any available onions or vegetables
  3. Rechaud – cooked in a frying pan with onions and potatoes – or alone

Pemmican Variations

You can make pemmican the traditional way or ‘spice’ it up a bit. Just be sure to do your research on how adding certain things to it can effect its shelf life. Personally I use a sausage machine and make links of pemmican and keep them stored in a cool dry place. A very calorie dense item with a relative small space for storage.

There are some great resources below that talk about how-to make the original survival food and how to use it.

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The complete history of the ultimate survival food Pemmican

An in depth article with step by step pictures on how to make pemmican

Some Alternate Recipes on making Pemmican





The Ultimate Survival Food – Can you stomach it

What the heck is the Ultimate Survival Food?

Before I tell you what the ultimate survival food is you need to understand that the ingredients for the food are in abundance if not surplus. When we talk about the ultimate survival food there are a few factors to weigh.

  1. Cost to Produce
  2. Quality of End Product
  3. Can it be a stand alone consumable

The product I am about to tell you about is not something that unless you were in a real, and I mean absolutely real SHTF situation that you would really not want to eat. That being said realize that once this is made it can be unmade and keeps for a long long long time.

You can grind this back to its original components and use it to make new things. I can’t think of a better way to store the ultimate survival food than in a product that can have multiple uses.

There are stories of pieces of this being found that are over 100 years old and still edible, hows that for an ultimate survival food?

So here is the secret ultimate survival food: HardTack! Yup a very simple item to make that can be ground back down into flour and reused to make other things, plus it lasts longer than most people….

There are much more tasty alternatives to Hard Tack nowadays of course but for the simple fact that it’s reusable I feel it’s still a viable item to have on hand. You can go the route of buying the 1 year supply of food that you put in the closet and never use, yes I have some too. Or you can get involved in a product like Thrive where you actually use it and store it. Shamelessly I will put a couple links so you can look at both options. Don’t be afraid to support us we are Idahoan’s too.

Long Term Survial Food

Learn About Thrive Everyday Survival Food


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HardTack the ultimate survival food


How to avoid GMOs while on a budget

One of the most controversial topics in the news today when it comes to eating healthy is GMO food. 

Should you consume them? Are they okay in moderation? Should you strictly avoid them at all times? And if so, how on earth can you manage to navigate the store without stepping into a genetically modified landmine? And if you really want to challenge yourself, how can you do that on a budget?

What is a GMO?

GMO food is not something from outer space, it’s an acronym for Genetically Modified Organism. GMO foods are the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one specicies are extracted and artificilly forced ino the genes of an unrealeted plant or animal. The foreign geens may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. – WikiPedia

By avoiding GMOs, you contribute to the coming tipping point of consumer rejection, forcing them out of our food supply!

Because GMOs give no consumer benefits, if even a small percentage of us start rejecting brands that contain them, GM ingredients will become a marketing liability. Food companies will kick them out. In Europe, for example, the tipping point was achieved in 1999, just after a high profile GMO safety scandal hit the papers and alerted citizens to the potential dangers. In the US, a consumer rebellion against GM bovine growth hormone has also reached a tipping point, kicked the cow drug out of dairy products by Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Dannon, Yoplait, and most of America’s dairies.

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Read the Full Article from its source: How to avoid GMOs when your on a budget


Required SHTF Medical Supplies

Do you know what it takes to keep your family healthy during a SHTF situation?

Medical supplies are on the forefront of things that you should be prepping. Not only do you need these supplies but you need to know how to use them! The Red Cross provides many first aid classes from beginning first aid to advanced first aid. I am hoping that this year I get a surgical first aid kit for Christmas!

In this article you will get a great list of supplies that you can pick up and your local Walgreens or Wal-Mart. Start now on getting a plan. You don’t need to go out and grab everything at once there is still time, although that time gets shorter and shorter!

Don’t forget that we also can provide first aid kits for you and ship them right to you. Check out our First Aid Kits

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